Gucci Ace Sneaker

Gucci's latest unisex sneaker for both men and women
Gucci Ace Sneaker!

It’s no secret that Gucci is one of our favourite brands, and according to Google, one of the most popular brands searched for on the world wide web! This comes as no surprise to us, because just… have a look at them!

Gucci’s classic low-top sneaker is embellished with the gold embroidered bee against the green and red web. As a matter of fact, we finally found out that the bee is an archival code that was first introduced in Gucci ready-to-wear in the 1970s, which makes this shoe so much more special.

Ok, without further adieu, some of the key features of the Gucci Ace sneakers are:

  • Unisex – worn by both Justin Timberlake & Alessandra Ambrosio
  • Body consisting of high quality white coloured leather
  • Green and red web on the sides
  • Gold thread-embroidered bee
  • Mismatched metallic watersnake at the heel with Red leather on one shoe and Green on the other
  • Rubber sole with textured sides
  • Additionally, these shoes are known to be on the big side (we dont know why!) so we recommend sizing down by half a size
  • Made in Italy – This is not surprising because when it comes to luxury goods, there is a high possibility that it was an Italian who crafted it!

Winner: Fin Lika, Victoria

Congratulations Fin! – Love from Raffled