Christian Louboutin

Christian Louboutin – So Kate Heel (Image comparer: Black & Nude)

Ever wondered what the infamous term “Red Bottoms” featured in gangster rap music actually meant? Was it slang for some derogatory sexual term or did it mean something else? Well….we present to you, the Christian Louboutin So Kate heel with the INFAMOUS Red Bottom Sole!!! Yes, you were today years old when you found this out 😂.

The Christian Louboutin high pump heel is one of the most symbolic items in high end fashion worldwide. The coveted red sole has the ability to transform a “meh” type outfit into a fashion masterpiece. Even a tracksuit matched with a pair of these heels would look… sexy to say the least.

Christian Louboutin (the founder himself), has a fetish for womens feet and believes that a high arch increases the sex appeal of a woman as a demonstration of dominance. He also believes that when wearing these heels out on the town, small fragments of the red lacqured sole are left behind as you mark your territory and leave a piece of you behind.

Some facts about the Christian Louboutin So Kates:

  • Available in a range of heel sizes to suit your style
    • 85mm – Perfect for every day wear, whether it be to the office or out for a casual dinner.
    • 100mm – Also great for every day wear. The extra height of the heel increases sex appeal.
    • 120mm – Extremely HIGH heel, but notably the sexiest heel on the planet. These heels are recommended for red carpet or gala events, short nights out or special occasions where you need to be the stand out in the room.
  • Available in Black and Nude.
  • Made in Italy using high quality leather. Originally, these heels were designed in Paris.

Winner: Eleftheria Perperiadis, Victoria

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