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About Us

We are a couple from Melbourne, Australia who have a serious love for Designer Fashion. Our belief is that everyone should have a chance to own their favourite designer items and feel the sense of empowerment that usually comes with wearing the latest fashion because, that’s certainly how it makes us feel. Let’s face it, nothing really beats the feeling of hitting the town wearing a pair of red bottoms…

As we all know, 2020 has been a bit of a shocker, we are all homebound because of COVID-19 and bored out of our brains. So, we decided to start “Raffled” as a way of uniting a community and having some fun.

With all of the lockdowns in Australia, we know that the retail sector has taken a big hit however, we found that smaller business are being hit the hardest, including the fashion and beauty industries.

To help combat this, we have decided to create a fashion-based community that encourages the revival of each-others business post COVID. Our community focus is to try and reach as many small businesses as possible and try to assist in increasing their advertising reach by posting them in our “Members Only” section.

How does it work? By becoming a member of the Raffled community and purchasing a package of your choice, you will gain access to our growing members only section. In this section, you will find exclusive discounts, special offers or promotional codes that you can use when you visit any of our small business partners. By using these promotional codes and the services of the businesses listed in our page, we can gradually work together to help build each other back up again. Almost like COVID never happened!

As a thank you for becoming a member of the Raffled community, you will automatically be placed into our giveaway to win our featured item!!

For more information on how to get involved, visit our “Join Us” page and dont forget to purchase yourself one of our membership packages from our “Shop” page.

With love – Raffled

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